Mask Making Workshop Series CANCELLED - Lack of Enrollment


Mask Making Workshop Series CANCELLED - Lack of Enrollment


Mask Making Workshop -

Progressive 4-week series into mask exploration & creation in a safe learning experience;

Students sign-up HERE for this consecutive 4-week series / 4 hours each session – ($226)

Day Session: Sunday 1PM - 5PM starting April 28

12 student max / 6 student min

Instructor: Cynthia Marsh, Lyons

Location: Western Stars Gallery & Studio 160 East Main Lyons, CO 80540

Advanced Registration Required:

A fun & intimate immersion into mask making for couples, singles, friends, &/or families.

Masks are cast from co-participant’s faces using plaster wrap & then embellished.

This fun workshop produces beautiful & imaginative works of art that are ready to hang or wear.

Most cultures have known the use of masks at one point or another: Masks in various forms (sacred, practical, or playful) have played a crucial historical role in the development of understandings about “what it means to be human” because they permit the imaginative experience of what it is like to be transformed into a different identity (or to affirm an existing social or spiritual identity).

Note: Materials will be supplied by artist / instructor Cynthia Marsh & paid for by check (to Cynthia Marsh) or cash at the first class meeting.

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