Amy Lum Francis, one of the musicians for whom we sell CDs, playing at the gallery's 2nd Anniversary Open House. Photo by Lauren M. Click, Pinewood Springs.

We also proudly carry an ever-growing Books & Music Selection

(CDs) from area writers / singers / songwriters / musicians such as:

Diane Dandeneau Musician - Lyons, CO

Rebecca Folsom Musician - Boulder, CO

Amy Lum Francis Musician - Denver, CO (former Lyons resident)

Jon Gold Musician - Taos, NM (former Lyons resident)

Heather Mae Musician - Washington D.C.

Let Them Roar Musicians - Carbondale, CO

Antonio Lopez Musician - Longmont, CO

Billy Shaddox Musician - Lyons, CO

Jay  Stott Musician - Lyons, CO

Taarka Musician - Lyons, CO

Nancy Thorwardson Musician - Lyons, CO (deceased)

David Williams Musician - Lyons, CO


Jerry Allison Illustrated Book - Estes Park, CO

Robert A. Dacey Writer - Longmont, CO

Anita Lunt Writer - Estes Park, CO

Daniel Mendoza Writer - Brighton, CO

Silvia Pettem Writer - Ward, CO

Cristina Trapani-Scott Writer - Lyons, CO

Carol Walker Photo Books - Lyons, CO

 (spread the word; more musicians & writers always welcome!)