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Not just "Western"

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Paintings, photos, jewelry, ceramics and more - in a wide range of styles, tastes, and budgets.

And we always feature art and music from local painters, photographers, and musicians, as well as artists from around Colorado.

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BEYOND gift shop

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Home furnishings, antiques, jewelry, CDs, and souvenirs.

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More than a gallery

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Western Stars transcends the "gallery" concept

Experience our ever-changing array of unique offerings at a wide spectrum of price points.

The majority of exceptional painters whose work is represented here are from Colorado, and we also carry a growing selection of CDs from Colorado musicians.

Our bounty of jewelry, aside from Native American & special consigned pieces, are also regionally created;

We currently have 19 paintings on display & for sale by award-winning artist Ezra Tucker, whose work is in mighty fine company with a kaleidoscope of "lodge to loft-ready" creations by: 

Peggy Judy
Trish Stevenson
Christine Knapp
Cydney Springer
Diane Dandeneau
Carol Walker
Sally King
Gail Hooper
Jenifer Bacon
Brent Hollingsead
John Edward Lawrence
Jack Olson
Carol Rufenach
Betsy Hubner
Monte Michener
Gene Putney
Rob Palmer
Nelson Tucker

Nancy Krause
Judge Ed J. Hummer
Nancy Lax Kozar
Jocelyn Farrell
Trish Murtha
Jesse Bulpett
Caroline Riepler
Becky Jacobson
Nancy McLaughlin
Laurey Gilbert
Leslie Maya-Charles
Carol Bouchard
Gerald Patterson
Glynis Cherry
Jane Glotzer
Karen Dombrowski-Sobel
Lora Becker
Vickey Swenson

and oh so many more.

Come visit!  Bring family!  Send friends!